3 Cities with a ‘Small Town’ Feel

Posted on August 22, 2012


Big city living never felt so small.  You may associate the idea of city life with traffic, crime, and noisy crowds, but we’ve found the exceptions to those stereotypes.  These 3 unique cities offer the benefits of large metro areas, but with the intimate, friendly feel of a small town.  MarketMAPS shows you 3 great American cities with a small town feel. 


Providence, Rhode Island 

Rhode Island’s capital city is home to approximately 171,000 residents.  Considering Rhode Island is about the size of Houston, Texas’s bus system, that’s a hefty population.  Throughout the city’s 25 neighborhoods, centuries of American architecture has been lovingly preserved.  Families whose ancestors immigrated from Ireland, Portugal, and Italy preserve their heritage.  Its friendly atmosphere and close knit cultural neighborhoods made Providence the 5th “Best Place for a Block Party” in 2010.  From May to October, downtown is the place for canal cruises; gondola rides, music concerts, and WaterFire, a series of spectacular, floating bonfires.

Portland, Oregon

How can a city of 600,000 still have a small town feel?  It’s because the people of Portland are dedicated to their ideals.  Portland residents want to keep their city the “Greenest” in America, and this is what binds them into a tight-knit community.  Home to hundreds of parks, Portland carries the titles for “MostBikeFriendlyCity”, “BestCity for Vegetarians”, and “BestCity for Sustainable Workplaces”.  The people of Portland are also strongly dedicated to the arts.  Viewed as the Mecca for all kinds of art, Portland boasts world-class theater, dance, and music.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

No matter which nickname you choose; “BeerTown”, “City of Festivals”, or simply, “The Mil”, it’s easy to find small town charm in Milwaukee.  Full of skyscrapers, hi-tech industries, and almost 600,000 people, Milwaukee has never truly strayed far from its European roots.  In fact, it was named as one of the “Dozen Distinctive Destinations” in the US by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.  Milwaukee is considered one of the most ‘walkable’ cities in America (citizens also use water taxis to get around on Lake Michigan and the MilwaukeeRiver).  One of the things that brings its neighborhoods together is the shared passion Milwaukeeans have for local sports.  Sports fans come together to cheer for their teams year round at local athletic complexes, ice rinks, and impressive facilities such as the BradleyCenter and MillerPark.

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