One School District’s Custom Demographic Study

Posted on August 21, 2012


To combat the problems facing our public schools, such as overcrowding, a New Jersey school district has commissioned a custom demographic study.  If the study generates beneficial results, perhaps it will set an example for school districts across the nation.  Today, MarketMAPS looks at this demographic study, and how it will better inform the Edison school district. 

 Edison school district is the 5th largest in the state of New Jersey.  Like many schools across the country, Edison has problems with overcrowding and providing enough services to accommodate the growing number of incoming students each year.  Consulting a demographic data company, Edison has commissioned a study that will look at the number of births in their area, allowing them to make predictions for the future.

After evaluating this demographic data, the district hopes to formulate a plan about whether or not to redistrict. The information that is developed will allow the board to make the necessary preparations within the district’s budget and prepare the communities that may be affected.

School officials are planning on purchasing land and old buildings to create more facilities for the district, including a planned preschool facility.  “They will take a look at each building and see how many students … a building can hold, as well as let us know which buildings are over capacity,” Schools Superintendent Richard O’Malley said.

Demographics help us analyze current trends and make future predictions.  Demographic data allows educators to evaluate their students, and also helps businesses evaluate their customers.  For over 25 years, MarketMAPS has been providing the most accurate demographic maps to businesses looking to gain insights into their customers.


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