Map Crafts

Posted on August 20, 2012


Maps can add a bit of worldly elegance to a room or office.  But maps aren’t only for decoration; they are also personal statements about your travels, vacations, and the important places in your life.  MarketMAPS looks at some interesting ways people have turned maps into crafts (crafts that tell us more about the person than about geography). 

Map Crafts

A map of the place you met your significant other is a great gift idea.  You can customize it by adding silhouette cutouts (pictured above).  Some locations are deeply personal.  Why not use a map to represent that deep connection you feel to a place (and a person).

A map can be evocative of a memorable vacation.  People often frame a map of the country they spent a year in, the city they used to visit as a child, or the state they visited during a particularly memorable family vacation.  You can trace routes you’ve driven, identify landmarks you’ve seen, and more.  A framed ‘Vacation Map’ conjures up feelings of nostalgia for that unique vacation spot.

A map like this one makes a great Valentine’s Day gift.  Ever have to travel a long distance to see your loved one?  A map like this is a great way to remind them that no distance can keep you apart.

Life is a journey.  Remind yourself, your family, and your classroom of this by turning a map into a fun activity piece.  Work on a map like this one with your family and display it to remind yourselves of life’s unexpected twists & turns.

We all have relationships with certain locations across the globe, and displaying a map can help remind you of why you fell in love with that certain spot in the first place.  MarketMAPS publishes the broadest line of maps covering every area.  We can provide you will a wall map to display in your home or office.  We also print small scale maps, perfect for use in your map crafts project.

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