How Businesses Use Carrier Routes

Posted on August 17, 2012


For businesses that are familiar with direct mailing and delivery route planning, carrier routes are a valuable resource.  Some businesses, however, don’t know the difference between a carrier route, a ZIP Code, and a ZIP+4.  What’s the difference between a carrier route and other postal geographies, and how can carrier routes help your business?  Today, MarketMAPS explains a little bit about carrier routes, and shows how businesses benefit from using them. 


Firstly, a carrier route is not a ZIP Code.  It’s a grouping of addresses that aid the Post Office in delivering mail.  There are about 300,000 carrier routes in the US that represent boundaries for delivery areas.  Carrier routes are updated every so often when new addresses and ZIP Codes are added to the USPS database.

So how do businesses use carrier routes and what are their benefits?  Well, delivery companies often use carrier routes as a starting point for their own delivery routes.  After all, they are designed to make mail deliveries more efficient.  Rather than create a brand new route, carrier routes provide delivery companies with a framework to build upon.

The preferred use of carrier routes, however, is for direct mailing.  When a business mails to every address in a carrier route, they receive a postal discount—often as much as 50-60% of normal mailing costs.  They receive this discount because, by preparing ‘saturation mailing,’ businesses are making the Post Office’s job easier.

If you’re wondering how your business can take advantage of carrier routes, consult MarketMAPS.  MarketMAPS has over 25 years experience providing businesses with the carrier route maps they need, when they need them.  Our maps display the most accurate, up-to-date postal geographies—created to the CASS Certification standards.  Use our maps to design delivery routes, plan direct mail, and more

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