Advice for Redesigning your Sales Territories

Posted on August 16, 2012


When you originally design your sales territories, you are trying to organize your workload, balance your revenue potential, and increase the efficiency of your sales force.  Ideally, you won’t need to redesign your sales territories for a while.  But, a few things can change in within your company that require you to redesign your territories for optimal efficiency.  Today, MarketMAPS gives you advice for when and how to redesign your sales territories. 

Change in Size of Sales Force

If you have been doing a lot of hiring and firing lately, it may be time to redesign those sales territories.  You may be making small adjustments to your territories to accommodate new staff, but this can throw your sales territories out of alignment.

Changes in Products or Services

Releasing new products and services can have a huge effect on your sales territories.  If one territory has a higher demand for your new product than the others, it can throw off the balance of your carefully designed territories.  The territory that has a higher demand will need more attention from your sales reps.  Don’t let new products or services be launched without first closely analyzing your sales territories.

Changes to Client Classification

You’ve hopefully got your territories balanced so that each sales rep has ample opportunity to work with top clients.  But your territories can’t always account for changes within your clients’ businesses.  Their businesses may grow or shrink.  Reevaluate your clients every so often, classifying them as consistent and reliable, or as inconsistent and difficult.  You may need to redesign your sales territories to reflect the changes in your clients.

When you’ve decided to map out your new sales territories, MarketMAPS can help.  We’ve been providing businesses with custom sales territory maps for over 25 years.  Create a map that displays the areas, details, and data you want.  MarketMAPS provides you with the wall maps, map books, and digital maps you need, when you need them.

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