Why Postal Addresses are Still Relevant for Marketers

Posted on August 13, 2012


Times are changing.  More and more businesses are turning to email and social media campaigns to advertise and promote special offers.  But, this doesn’t mean that direct mailing (to actual postal addresses ) is no longer relevant.  In fact, direct mailing to postal addresses is even more important today.  MarketMAPS looks at what the experts have to say about the power of postal addresses in the digital marketing age. 


When surveyed, top marketing firms unanimously agreed on 2 things.  Number 1: nothing is more important than knowing your target market; knowing who they are, where they are, and how they like to be contacted.  And number 2: traditional paper mail is an important part of any direct marketing campaign.  Though it may not seem like it today, direct mailing makes an even greater impact on customers than email marketing.

One reason for this is because there is simply less direct mail circulating than there once was.  As more companies switch over to digital marketing, the direct mail that customers do receive stands out that much more.  Instead of being viewed as an outdated piece of “junk,” direct mail is seen as an unusual and personal way for businesses to reach their customers.

If you prefer to stick with your email marketing campaign, search for email lists that include postal addresses.  You may want to take advantage of the benefits of direct mailing in the future, or include direct mail in addition to your email marketing materials.  With postal addresses, you can also plot the locations of your customers on a map, helping you visualize exactly where your best prospects are.

Take advantage of the benefits of direct marketing to postal addresses, and let MarketMAPS show you how.  Our postal maps can help you identify the carrier routes for your direct mail, allowing you to attain postal discounts on your direct mail.  Our demographic maps can help you target neighborhoods most likely to respond to your marketing materials.

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