Ocean City, New Jersey: Weird Contest Week

Posted on August 9, 2012


MarketMAPS publishes maps for every city, county, and state  in the US, as well as several foreign country and city maps.  But we also like to spotlight things that often aren’t shown on maps, like New Jersey’s Weird Contest Week.  The contest takes place annually during the third week in August on the Ocean City music pier.  You never know exactly what to expect from this spontaneous festival. 


Weird Contest Week

Known for its instantly recognizable boardwalk, OceanCity is an immensely beautiful, seaside retreat.  But every third week in August things get a little weird.

The Weird Contest Week events seem to be different every year, but there are a few mainstays: Taffy Sculpting, French Fry Sculpting, Artistic Pie Eating (boats, seagulls, the state of New Jersey), Wet T-shirt Tossing (record: 165 feet), Putrid Puns and Celebrity Super Hero Impersonations to name a few.  Events occur every morning of Weird Week at 11:00am at the Music Pier, Boardwalk and Moorlyn Terrace.

Competitors in the various contests call it a celebration of artistry.  “To me, it’s a real celebration of the imagination. I’ve been thinking we should do more to recognize the creative talents of people and those who put their creativity to good use,” said Mark Soifer, OceanCity’s public relations director.

The week-long contests often end with the highly fashionable Miss Miscellaneous Contest, a strange pageant that boasts its own official song: “Miss Miscellaneous, so, so spontaneous, never extraneous, even if it would rain on us, it wouldn’t be a pain to us, because we adore you, we adore you, Miss Miscellaneous.”

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