Advice from the Map Specialists: How to Set Up Effective Sales Territories

Posted on August 8, 2012


MarketMAPS provides businesses with maps to help them better visualize, and manage their sales territories.  But how do you create the most efficient sales territories?  Lots of planning goes into creating sales territories even before you sit down to map out your boundaries.  Today, MarketMAPS gives your business advice on how to create effective sales territories. 

Keep your ultimate goal in mind

Take some time to think about what it is you’re trying to accomplish.  What is your target revenue?  What is your overall our revenue goal?  What are your targets?  How are you going to sell them?  If your business is just starting, you can’t come right out of the gate hiring a huge sales force. Start strategically by meeting revenue goals in small areas and then gradually growing the territories.  When you’ve got a decent amount of sales people in the field, then you can start thinking about sales territories that match your investment in sales people.

Collect lots of data

Educate yourself on your clients.  Categorize your clients based on the percentage of revenue they generate vs. the time spent servicing them.  You want to be able to distinguish what makes certain clients different from others.  Important things to keep track of are the geographic locations of your clients, and how much time a sales person needs to spend with them before they order.  Other data that can help you create efficient territories are demographics.  Knowing the demographic makeup of your top clients helps you find where you can create new leads.

Review your territories periodically

While it is important to make sure your sales territories are balanced, you shouldn’t be messing with your boundaries too often.  A weaker sales rep shouldn’t be given a smaller territory.  Keep the territories the same and get a stronger rep instead.  Don’t expect to make perfect sales territories the first time.  Many companies review their territories annually to make sure they are as effective as they can be.

Even before you have your sales territories planned out, MarketMAPS can help you.  We can provide you with demographic maps, helping you identify new sales markets.  We can help you plot the locations of your customers on a map.  And, when you’re ready, we can provide you with sales territories maps that fit your criteria.


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