Education Maps: New Maps Help Parents Choose Schools

Posted on August 7, 2012


The new school year is quickly approaching.  Parents obviously want to know if the school they are sending their children to is the best.  Sure, there are plenty of online resources that will tell you school rankings and other statistics.  But the visual aid of a map can help you better understand where your ideal school is located in terms of excellence and geography.  MarketMAPS looks at a new map released in East Valley, Arizona that helps parents choose the best schools for their children.   

In Arizona there are nearly 2000 public schools.  And with open enrollment laws, parents have an abundance of choices for where to send their children.  But there are so many varieties: charter, district, online, college-prep.  How do you know where to send your children?

Eileen Sigmund, president and CEO of the Arizona Charter Schools Association, has worked with mapping data providers to create the Education Evaluator.  This digital location map is somewhat of a score card for Arizona schools: it marks each school’s location on a map, and gives information such as the type of school, the total enrollment, and the amount of enrollment growth over the years.  Each school has a letter grade provided by the Department of Education.

Parents can use this map to evaluate the schools in their area.  For instance, there are 136 schools within the Mesa ZIP Code, but only 17 of those schools are “A” grade schools.

When it comes to the education of children, parents deserve to know what options they have.  With a map from MarketMAPS, we can help you identify all the schools within your ZIP Code, city, or county.  We can mark locations on your map and help you determine important information such as how far is this school from my home? how much traffic is there near the school?  MarketMAPS publishes the largest selection of maps, covering every state, county, city, and ZIP Code in the US.  We can get you the map you need, when you need it.

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