Which ZIP Codes Spend the Most on Fine Dining

Posted on August 6, 2012


Businesses often look at demographic data based on ZIP Codes.  This gives them a good idea of the ages, genders, and incomes of their customers, and also helps them understand variations between neighborhoods.  An article recently published by the Birmingham Business Journal shows which ZIP Codes in their city spend the most on fine dining.  MarketMAPS shows you how consumer data like this can be valuable to businesses.


In Birmingham, AL, spending on fine dining varies greatly between ZIP Codes.  According to Birmingham Business Journal, households in the 35223 ZIP Code spent an average of $5,964.13 on food away from home last year.  This average was nearly $700 more than any other ZIP Code in Birmingham.

Taking a step back from Birmingham, AL, the data reveals even more interesting facts.  The 35223 ZIP Code not only spent more on eating out than any other ZIP Code in Birmingham; it also spent 91% more than the national average on dining away from home.  The lowest spending for a ZIP Code in Birmingham was about $3,747.59, which is still 21% more than the national average.

Consumer data like this can help businesses in many ways.  It helps them decide the best areas for a new store location.  It helps them identify where the best markets are for certain industries.  It allows them to compare see where their particular market fits into the national average.

MarketMAPS offers the most accurate demographic maps to help businesses target their market and profile customers.  Our wall maps, map books, and digital maps help you identify key demographic features in your area, as well as demographic trends in other markets.


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