The Great Outdoors: New Maps Let People Explore Western NY

Posted on August 1, 2012


MarketMAPS’s large selection of city, county, and state maps display points of interest and popular places to visit.  They are great tools for answering that age old question: what is there to do in my area?  A map published by GROW Western New York also attempts to answer this question, hoping it will help people find new places to visit and new things to do in Western New York


GROW Western New York unveiled its Go Outside Map last week.  The map showcases hundreds of outdoor activities that people can enjoy around the area, from biking to hiking to camping and more.  As an environmental protection group, GROW Western New York conceived the idea for the map when they realized that people need to be familiar with the areas they are trying to save.

“We have 29 state parks and hundreds of miles of biking and hiking trails, but do people know where all of them are?” asked Clotilde Bode-Perez Dedecker. “These paper maps will help guide you to more than 50 outdoor locations around the eight counties of Western New York.”  Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown sees the benefits of the map: “Now in one location, one map, one website, people can find out all of the great and wonderful things there are to do in this community.”

Instead of displaying the most frequently visited locations, the map showcases some of the lesser known attractions in the region, such as HoytLake and the JapaneseGardens.  Even sections of NiagraFalls are highlighted on the map (most people don’t know about the GorgeDiscoveryCenter that is located at the Honeymoon Capital).

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