New Jersey Township Denied ZIP Code Change

Posted on August 1, 2012


It isn’t often that we realize how important ZIP Codes are for individuals and businesses.  Not only do we rely on our ZIP Codes to receive mail, but businesses rely on ZIP Codes to target direct mail, locate customers, and much more.  Today, MarketMAPS looks at a township in New Jersey that was recently denied a ZIP Code change.  What effects will this decision have?


Last May, members of the UpperTownship committee requested a change or consolidation of its five ZIP Codes from the United States Postal Service.  The members of the committee sought the change in hope of improving public safety.

The reason for the ZIP Code change: Ocean View is an unincorporated section in both UpperTownship and DennisTownship.   Since Ocean View doesn’t have its own ZIP Code, the area has problems with emergency responses all the time.  UpperTownship also shares ZIP Codes with two other municipalities.  Changing or consolidating its ZIP Codes would have hopefully cleared up much confusion.  Unfortunately, USPS denied UpperTownship a change in its ZIP Codes.

“Because ZIP Codes are based on the location of delivery post offices, they often do not correspond to political jurisdiction boundaries,” reads the report entitled Changing Postal ZIP Code Boundaries. “This means that millions of Americans receive their mail from a post office in an adjacent town, village or neighborhood and their mailing address reflects the name and ZIP Code of that office instead of the jurisdiction where they actually live.”

ZIP Codes don’t only affect mail delivery and emergency responses; they also affect demographic targeting and marketing.  Marketers use demographic data based on ZIP Codes to target their market and manage direct mail.  Delivery companies use postal data such as ZIP Code and carrier route boundaries to plan their delivery routes.

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