City Spotlight: Honobia, Oklahoma. The Bigfoot Festival and Conference

Posted on July 30, 2012


MarketMAPS publishes the largest selection of US, state, county, and city maps.  We create maps of large metro areas, as well as small towns.  Today, we shine a spotlight on one of the US’s smaller cities; a rather isolated region in Oklahoma called Honobia.  What makes this city special is the individual it claims as one of its residents: Bigfoot.    

Honobia is a small community on the border between LeFloreCounty and eastern Pushmataha County, in Oklahoma.  After Indian relocation and the Trail of Tears, Honobia became a Choctaw settlement.  In recent years, the Choctaw nation has made some improvements to the rural community.  They’ve constructed a paved road over the mountains from US Highway 271 near Albion south over the steep mountain range to Honobia.  The locals refer to this as the “Indian Highway.”

Logging provides a large source of jobs for residents in Honobia but one of the main boosts to the economy comes from the annual Big Foot Festival and Conference.  Operating on the belief that the legendary humanoid creature resides in the wilderness surrounding Honobia, residents put together the festival every year and welcome speakers, scientists, and Bigfoot enthusiasts from all around the country.

Bigfoot sightings have been shared across the country for years, but Honobia residents have more than a few stories to tell.  Dating back a few decades, Honobia residents, including some of the Choctaw natives, have reported Bigfoot attacking their crops, running across their property, and even saving their childrens’ lives.  So many people claim to have seen the creature in the wilderness and mountains surrounding the town, that they have officially claimed the Sasquatch as one of their residents.

The Bigfoot Festival and Conference is held every year in the remote KiamichiMountains and is filled with events and speeches from top Bigfoot researchers.  This year, unfortunately, organizers weren’t able to secure enough space for their festival.  Well, there’s always next year.

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