How Businesses Benefit from Demographic Targeting

Posted on July 27, 2012


MarketMAPS publishes the most accurate demographic maps available.  Although, many businesses still don’t know how to use demographic maps or what purposes they serve.  Many companies are unaware of the benefits of using demographic targeting in their business strategies.  Today, MarketMAPS explores how businesses benefit from demographic maps and demographic targeting.  So, take a seat and get ready for a lesson in demographics. 

Marketers view demographics as vital information.  Think about it: if you are trying to reach customers with your direct mail, coupons, or ads, you want to reach the customers that are most likely to respond to your materials, right?  Too many businesses waste money by spending their marketing budget on reaching THE MOST customers rather than targeting the greatest number of potential customers.

To find the demographic makeup of your potential customers, take an inventory of your current customers.  The most important demographic features to focus on are usually age, race, gender, and city/Zip Code.  Other factors to consider are income, occupation, marital status, and children.

Identify your top customers—maybe not the ones that buy the most, but the ones most vocal about their satisfaction—and try to find as much information about them as possible.  If they are coming into your store, you know their gender and can guess their age.  Most retail locations will also have access to customer addresses.

You won’t always be able to find demographic statistics on your customers, but luckily MarketMAPS offers the most accurate demographic and Census maps.  If you have customer ZIP Codes or addresses, our maps will help you identify where those customers are located, and what their demographic make up is.  MarketMAPS demographic maps help you view the most prevalent demographic factors surrounding your store.

If you identify who your top customers are (say, single women 20-35 years old) you can gear your marketing materials, ads, special offers, and store layout towards your target demographic.  With demographic maps from MarketMAPS, you can identify new areas that have your target demographic, you can target neighborhoods that are most likely to respond to your direct mail…and much more.

Contact MarketMAPS today and discover how our demographic and Census maps can help you see an increased response and greater sales. 

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