Flood Maps Help Prepare Citizens

Posted on July 24, 2012


All across the globe, flood maps are used to help keep citizens informed and safe.  They are also used to help assess property insurance and home value.  MarketMAPS , a leading provider of digital and physical maps, looks at how flood maps are used and what their value is to community members and home owners. 


The UK, known for its great amounts of heavy rains, recently launched a real-time, online flood map.  The system aims to allow people to track areas that are in danger of imminent flooding.  Users of the online flood maps can zoom in on any point of a map of England and Wales to see flood alert and flood warning statuses, as issued by the EA within the previous 15 minutes.  Custom searches can also be carried out by postcode.

An Environment Agency spokesperson said: “Being prepared is vital to help reduce the risk of flooding. With more than five million people living or working in areas at risk from flooding across England and Wales, we are urging communities to use the new application, alongside our existing Floodline Hotline and website updates, to keep one step ahead of future floods.”

In Verona, Mississippi, LeeCounty residents had an opportunity to view new flood maps.  The Mississippi Flood Map Modernization Initiative Team hosted an open house at the MSU Extension Office in Verona.  Organizers say this is a critical time for the public to find out if their property is in a flood zone.  If so, it will affect insurance rates.  Luckily, residents can appeal if they disagree with the maps.

Maps help keep individuals informed, and there is no better way to inform people than with the most accurate, up-to-date maps.  MarketMAPS, the leading provider of maps for businesses and consumers, updates its maps as frequently as every month or quarter.  Clients have access to the most accurate and up-to-date maps for use in the classroom, home, or office.

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