Digital Maps of New York Display Green Data

Posted on July 20, 2012


Maps reveal important information.  They visually represent data better than data sheets or lists.  NYC Digital recently published an assortment of New York City digital maps, displaying various green data across the city.  MarketMAPS  takes a look at these digital maps and what kind of information they reveal. 


NYC Digital is part of the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment, created by Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Katherine Oliver in July 2010.  Their goal is to realize New York City’s potential as the world’s leading digital city.  Recently, the mayor’s office and NYC Digital launched the Reinvent Green Hackathon, an event that called on the expertise of tech wizards to create digital tools and applications that support New Yorkers in leading greener, greater lives.

One of the results of the Hackathon is an assortment of digital maps of New York, displaying various green data such as number of trees within a certain area, number of parks, energy consumption by ZIP Code, and much more.

For a look at these interactive maps, and to view more results from Reinvent Green, follow the link below:

Maps, such as the green maps of New York, reinforce the impact of data using visual displays and geography.  MarketMAPS has been helping businesses better represent their data using maps for over 25 years.  Designing sales territory, demographic, location, and postal maps, MarketMAPS helps display the data that is important to your business.  With a MarketMAPS custom map, choose the area, details, and data you want represented on your map.


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