911 Agencies Hope Map Sharing Will Increase Response Time

Posted on July 19, 2012


In certain counties within Oklahoma, 911 agencies don’t always have the quickest response times.  Because of non-standardized data, these agencies aren’t able to view maps of areas outside their own county.  This creates problems when 911 agencies have to go across county lines to respond to a call.  Several counties have agreed to create a digital map system that allows a sharing of map data.  MarketMAPS looks at how these counties hope to improve response times through data-sharing. 


The program involves Muskogee, Wagoner, Cherokee, Rogers, Mayes and Ottawa counties, who hope to improve response times to emergency scenes in other counties by sharing electronic maps.  The system could be up and running as soon as this November.

Each agency has a detailed map of its county, but not of other counties.  “If we get a call about an accident in Checotah, we can locate it in our mapping system, but it’s just a blank area,” 911 Coordinator Darryl K. Maggard said.  The system will help emergency personnel get to rural and hard to reach areas.  Areas in Fort Gibson Lake in WagonerCounty, for example, are accessible only through MayesCounty.  “WagonerCounty gets the call, but it’s no way readable by MayesCounty,” trust authority operations manager Steve Van Horn said. “It slows us down.”

Van Horn claimed that using map resources such as Google or Yahoo! would not be acceptable, as they don’t always include the most accurate geographic data.  “A house goes up today and (the map is) old data tomorrow,” he said. “We don’t have the luxury of not being accurate. We have to be able to read each other’s information.”

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