Maps Show How the Internet Literally Connects the World

Posted on July 17, 2012


While we look at our computer screens and load our web browser pages with lightning-fast speed, we often forget how tangible the internet really is.  Recently published by GeoTel Communications, a series of maps shows the immense network of fiber-optic cables that literally connect the world.  Spanning all across the globe, these internet cables keep us connected to the World Wide Web, and to each other.  MarketMAPS looks at these recently published internet maps and what they reveal. 

Easy as it is to forget, the information that appears on our screens generally travel first through a vast network of fiber-optic cables.  These cables transfer data in the form of light to and from power repeaters in major cities — such as Hong Kong and New York  — in a matter of milliseconds.

But where are these ‘internet cables’ and how are they spread out across the globe?  A new set of images published in Fortune provides some of the clearest pictures yet. They’re based on maps from GeoTel Communications, a company that specializes in “telecommunications geography.” GeoTel’s CEO, Dave Drazen, says the information is derived from major U.S. based carriers and publically available sources. He notes that the maps aren’t comprehensive—they don’t include military or government installations, for instance.

The maps—one of the world as viewed from the North Pole, and one of New York City—go along with an article by Andrew Blum in Fortune’s print edition. They were visually enhanced by Fortune graphic designer Nicolas Rapp.

The map of New York City shows fiber-optic cable routes that are concentrated around the financial district. One major hub is the telecommunications building at 60 Hudson Street, in TriBe Ca.

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