How Did Google Lose an Entire Essex Village

Posted on July 13, 2012


In Google’s attempt to map the world, things occasionally get overlooked.  Recently, an entire Essex village in the UK was wiped from Google’s mapping database.  MarketMAPS , a provider of the most accurate maps, takes a look at how the village of Danbury disappeared from Google’s system. 

It wasn’t a malicious agenda against the village of Danbury, Essex, UK, but rather a simple misspelling that caused the community to disappear from Google’s system.  The first letter of Danburywas changed to a B, so it now spells Banbury, which is actually a town in Oxfordshire.

Chairman of Danbury Parish Council, Stuart Berlyn, said: “There are actually people that send packages to my address with the name Banbury rather thanDanbury, but they get here because of the postcode.”

“It looks like an easy mistake to make but we are a long way from Banbury in Oxfordshire. Obviously we would like to see it changed back. We have just produced some extra tourist information for hotels and information centres around the country, so from a business point of view it would be good for potential visitors to be able to see the village properly on the map.”

The error has caused many concerned citizens to try and contact Google to correct the mistake, but confusion remains over exactly who to call.

Tom Defty, of Danbury, said: “How do you report such a problem? There is no number to call or e-mail address for Google.”

Although searching for Danbury, Essex, on Google Maps will still take you to the Essex village, a general search will take you to the city in Connecticut, USA.  Typing in Banbury now gives you an option to select Banbury, Little Baddow, which isDanbury as we know it.

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