How Hot is it? Take a Look at These Maps

Posted on July 12, 2012


This summer could go on record as one of the hottest in history.  With the recent fires in Colorado and power outages across the country, it makes one wonder: just how hot is it?  MarketMAPS  looks at new informational maps published by the National Climate Data Center and what they tell us about our summer heat wave. 


The nation’s capital has already tied its record for most consecutive days (eight) with temperatures of 95 degrees or more.  The Midwest and Tennessee Valley have already seen record breaking triple-digit heat.  Suffice it to say: it’s hot.  The good news is that things could start to cool in just a few days. “Early next week and even this weekend we’ll see rain inKansasandNebraskaand parts of Texas,” forecaster Bruce Sullivan of the National Weather Service, tells USA Today.

Although it may be cooling in the next few weeks, the National Climate Data Center has released some startling data (along with the visual emphasis of maps to back that data up).

The above image shows the number of places where daily maximum temperature records have been broken so far this month. According to the data center, 942 records were broken in just the first five days of the month and another 273 were tied:

This second image shows the number of places where daily maximum temperature records were broken in June. The data center says 2,284 records were broken and another 998 were tied.

Here are some other interesting facts that theNationalClimateDataCenterhas released:

— In the seven days ended Thursday, 2,155 daily high temperature records were set in communities across the nation.

— In the past 30 days, there have been 4,230 such records set.

— And in the year so far, 23,283 daily high records have been set. Over the same period last year, there were 13,582 such records set. The number of records set, then, is up about 71 percent.

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