A Look at One of West Virginia’s Toughest Postal Routes

Posted on July 9, 2012


Most of us receive our daily mail delivery with ease.  The struggles of our postman hardly ever enter into our thoughts, but a mail delivery route can be treacherous.  An article recently published in Charleston’s dailymail.com takes readers through one of the West Virginian city’s toughest postal routes: through hills and wilderness, usually in unbearably hot temperatures.  As a provider of postal, ZIP code and carrier route maps, MarketMAPS take an interested look into Charleston, West Virginia’s toughest postal route. 


Charlestonmail carrier, Jeromy Shafer, has one of the toughest routes in town.  A 39 year-old Army veteran, Shafer graduated from Herbert Hoover High School in 1991 and began active duty in the Army soon after. He began working as a guard at South Central Regional Jail in 2000 but had remained in the Army Reserves and was deployed toBosniain 2001. He served with the Reserves inKuwaitin 2003.

Shafer is familiar with tough situations and that could be the reason why he took up one ofCharleston’s most difficult postal routes.  On his route, Shafer walks about 7 miles a day (35 miles per week).  The gel inserts designed to make his route a bit more bearable wear out every two weeks and he has to buy a new pair of shoes as often as every three months.

So what makes Shafer’s route so difficult?  Jeromy Shafer has a large section of what he calls the “The Nature Walk” portion of his route onCharleston’sWest Side.  Not only does Shafer have to climb hills and walk through almost wilderness-like terrain, but he also has to keep his eyes peeled for wild animals.  He says that he sees snakes on a daily basis.

Shafer’s postal route is well off the beaten path, forcing him to exert himself more physically than your average postal worker.  This can be a bad situation when temperatures inWest Virginiastart to rise.  Shafer said he has carried mail on several days when temperatures have soared above 100 degrees. He thinks the summer heat is more hazardous than the chill of winter.

“During the winter you just put on more clothes – gloves, hats, toboggans, jackets, coats. During the summer, this is it,” Shafer said.

When the temperatures pass the century mark, “you actually have to push yourself to get back out of that truck and keep on walking,” he said. “That’s what it comes down to on the extremely hot days.”

What keeps Jeromy Shafer going on his postal route?  He says it’s the positive reactions he receives from customers.  “The majority of the time I get smiles and waves and ‘How are you doing today?’ And that’s what I love about the job,” Shafer said.

Delivery routes can be treacherous.  Not only out in the hills of Charleston, but also on crowded city streets.  A poorly planned route can lead to lost customers and lost profits for your delivery business.  Let MarketMAPS provide you with the maps and data you need to plan efficient delivery routes.  With over 25 years of experience publishing postal and business maps using the most accurate data, MarketMAPS can supply your business with the maps and information it needs to find success.  Use postal carrier route maps to create efficient delivery routes, location maps to better view your delivery points, and demographic data  to profile the customers that you are delivering to.  With accurate street details, and even traffic counts data, MarketMAPS can help you design the delivery routes that will keep you ahead of the competition.


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