Police Department’s New Crime Map Keeps Citizens Informed

Posted on June 25, 2012


Maps help educate and keep individuals aware of their surroundings.  In Bellevue, Washington, the police department has launched its new crime map to help educate the population on crime and the safety of their communities. MarketMAPS looks at how crime maps work and what uses they have. 


In the city of Bellevue, the police department has taken the next step in interactive crime education. Bellevue residents can now view recent crime activity using an interactive crime map the Bellevue Police Department launched on its website last week.  Developed using CrimeMapping.com, users can type in their address and view 15 categories of crime such as motor vehicle theft, arson and assault during particular time periods. Users can also generate their own reports, sign up for e-mail updates and get free crime alerts through the website.

Although crime maps are a great way to inform citizens on crime in their area, not all police departments are taking advantage of this technology.  “We are one of only a few in the state to launch this interactive mapping service and look forward to its successful use by our citizens,” said Mike Johnson, the department’s investigations major.

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For those that do take advantage of the benefits of crime maps, the most up-to-date data is not always available.  “The old incident map on the police department website was popular but outdated,” saidBellevue police officer Carla Iafrate, a department spokeswoman.

Crimemapping.com has been proven effective in reducing crime in other local communities by increasing the number of eyes and ears that are aware of local activity, according to a department news release.

Advanced technology and interactivity help to deter crime in areas where crime maps are available.  With the same sort of technology applied to your business, imagine the ways in which accurate maps can improve your organization, better inform your business decisions, and aid you in business planning.  MarketMAPS offers custom-made maps to businesses and consumers in a variety of formats and finishing options.  Our custom maps contain the information important to you, whether you need to view demographics, ZIP code geographies, street networks…With annual, quarterly, and monthly updates, you will have access to the most accurate, up-to-date maps.

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