Colorado Wildfire Does Not Seems to have an End

Posted on June 18, 2012


The Colorado wildfire in High Park, CO is spreading and does not seem to show any signs of stopping. Since last weekend, the fire has made its way through 78 square miles of forestland, destroying home after home in its path.  Among those affected by the blaze are Colorado’s athletic demographic.  Its thick smoke plume soaring 34,000 feet into the sky prevents joggers, cyclists and hikers from leaving the safety of the indoors.  The state Department of Public Health and Environment has warned the public to avoid outdoor activities as windblown particulates blanket a 150-mile stripe from the Wyoming border to Colorado Springs.

Currently 1,200 firefighters are working to control the fire and $20 million in funds have been allocated to help stem the fire.  In the meantime the fire continues to blaze while Colorado-ians watch from their homes and hope for the best.


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