New Mapping Software by Google Makes Life Easier to Navigate

Posted on June 7, 2012


Google recently announced extended mapping features to Google Earth.  Some speculate that this change stems from their recent loss in partnership with Apple as the main map software provider.  Whatever the reason, the new features make it faster, easier and more convenient for their users. The new features include “fly over capability” in 3-D clarity, a process that uses a method called Stereophotogamitry that condenses pictures of places around the world and fits them together to form a life-like 3D image in birds-eye-view.

Those who often wander off the beaten path will find use in the “Street View Trekker” that allows users to carry a backpack sized camera to capture images of the places they travel to off the grid.


Last and certainly not least, Google now provides mobile maps offline so that their users can access maps without wi-fi or internet connection.

With all of this advanced mapping data, Google makes it easier for your business to know which areas you need to gather information on to align with your business plans.  Market Maps offers map reports that condense vital information such as demographics and census data for a specific location.  It’s important to know which direction you are heading with your business so visit Market Maps today and find out how a business report can further your goals.

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