In Mexico City Students Speak Out Against the Press

Posted on May 29, 2012


In Mexico City, students have taken an active interest in their country’s elections – and not in the way you may think. 

The LA Times reports that students have voiced their opinions about the elections, not for a specific candidate but for the media’s portrayal of the race.  On Wednesday night, an estimated 15,000 students from different universities gathered and marched down Paseo de la Reforma in protest.  Currently, the Mexican news stations are controlled by a select few and offer a single sided point of view.  Students are asking for more pluralistic news coverage and until they are able to secure it, the demonstrations will continue.

With the spirit of elections in the air in our own nation why not check out a U.S. political boundary map? Or, if your interests lie abroad check out one of our many world maps! Visit today!

Mexico political boundary map

U.S. political wall map

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