Is London Ready to Host the Summer Olympics

Posted on April 18, 2012


The hands of the giant clock that stands in the middle of Trafalgar Square is inching under 100 days this week. Only 100 days till the games, but London claims it is ready now.


The capital of the United Kingdom has already announced itself ready to host the world’s biggest show of sports, more than three months before the flame will be lit on July 27.


It will all take place in the inner-east part of the city, most of which didn’t need any work at all. The tennis tournament will be staged on the All England Club, the archery at the Lord’s Cricket Ground, and the beach volleyball at the Horse Guards Parade, which is just a short walk from the Queen’s main residence of Buckingham Palace.


Of course London does not have the resources to do anything as fancy or extravagant as Beijing showed us in 2008, but they plan on putting a great show just the same. Yet as any Olympics, the city has had its issues. A protest during the University Boat race between Oxford and Cambridge two weeks ago, when a man jumped into the River Thames and disrupted the race, has caused a rethink in Olympic Games security policy.


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