Unusual Business: XXXX Gold’s Man Island

Posted on April 13, 2012


What better way to promote your beer than with a contest to win trips to an alcoholic beverage sponsored island?


XXXX Gold, a popular Australian beer company, has just leased a 15-acre island in the Great Barrier Reef to turn into the “the ultimate destination for mates trips.” Coining the phrase “all men need an island,” XXXX plans to host a series of contests and promotions over the next few years for trips to their island, valued at $10,000.  Trips are set to start as early as October.


The first way for any contestant to win will be by deciding what the XXXX Island will be. The company is taking suggestions on what the island should include at www.xxxxisland.com.au. The five best ideas will win a weekend trip for each creator and three of their buddies.

The best ideas so far have included: 1. A bar built over water with a hole in the floor for fishing. 2. A microbrewery. 3. A one-hole golf course with a floating green on an anchored boat.


As of now XXXX Island, which sits off the central coast of Queensland in the Southern Great Barrier Reef, is remains virtually untouched. Brands director John Bradshaw promised island owner Wayne Rumble to return the island “in the same – if not better – condition.”


Planning a beer themed, man-paradise might sound like a walk in the park, but rest assured this project is going to call for lots of planning. In order to make XXXX Island a success, XXXX Gold is going to need the right visual planning tools. MarketMAPS provides companies like Gold with accurate geography and customizable options to ensure that their map best represents their goals. Utilize our design team for custom logos, labels, icons, color shading, and whatever else you could need.

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