Burger King’s Bacon Sundae Test

Posted on April 11, 2012


Like many other fast food juggernauts, innovators at Burger King have been experimenting with combinations that could take them to a new level on the fast food chain (closer to the golden arches).


Just released on the menu in Nashville is a bacon sundae. Yes, bacon. The bizarre combination features vanilla ice cream alongside a strip of the coveted pork product, drizzled in chocolate and caramel. Though the combination sounds repulsive the strategy is clear- bolster sales with unique offerings.


Since it’s been dethroned as the number two fast food chain in the nation, Burger King has been on the hunt for its next big break. The bacon-ice cream addition may be the King’s attempt to emulate the success of treats already found at smaller fast food chains such as Jack in the Box and their bacon smoothie. But an idea like this one is risky, that’s why BK has decided to do area-focused testing, targeting locations in Nashville, Tennessee to do its bacon bidding.


The upside to this little experiment? Jack in the Box and its bacon milkshake floundered. Although the shake didn’t actually contain any bacon (rather a bacon flavored syrup) a whopping majority of people that tried the product said it tasted horrible. So if Burger King’s bacon sundae, which doesn’t look all that bad, actually tastes good, they could open a window to a great new venture.

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