American’s Tiniest Town Sold in Auction

Posted on April 6, 2012


America’s tiniest town just doubled its population from 1 to 2.


Equipped with its own Zip Code and trading post, Buford is the perfect pit stop outside of Cheyenne, offering coca-cola, hot dog, dogs and Marlboro cigarettes. But that might change soon as the city was recently swept up by a pair of Vietnamese men in an auction Thursday morning. They flew in to the US for their first and only visit just to land this unique American town.


Previous owner Don Sammons originally bought the 10 acre town back in 1992, along with the Buford Trading Post and gas station. But with the loss of his wife in 95, Sammons finally decided to make the decision to move away and be closer to his son. With the help of a real estate auction leader, Sammons watched as the opening bid of $100,000 quickly climbed to $900,000. He plans to move to a new home in Colorado, where he will write a book about the 32 years he lived in Buford.

But what will happen with the town? The buyers, who remain nameless, claim that their plans are a “work in progress,” with details still to work out.
Moving from Vietnam to the US on a whim of buying an entire city through auction has surely inspired people to want to live in their own ZIP code. The men have made history.


But while the buyers may have successfully bidded, its up to Sammons to accept it. He has till next week to decide, in the meantime the bidding duo will return to Vietnam.

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