It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a TacoCopter??

Posted on March 27, 2012


Just because you’re stranded, doesn’t mean that you have to go hungry.

As long as Tacocopters run the sky, there will always be a tasty solution to any hungry civilian. What is it? Exactly what the name implies, a helicopter that holds tacos- tacos that are delivered at the click of a smart phone.


Tacocopter cofounder Star Simpson is looking to break into a new market by making personal delivery through the sky. With a few clicks of a smart phone, customers would be able to place their order and wait for an automated mini helicopter with tacos attached to track down their location via GPS. The idea is both novelty and convenient, and has already made quite the buzz in the social media world, all the key elements for a modern successful venture. The tacocopters however might never get off the ground.

Current U.S. Federal Aviation Administration regulations prevent using unmanned aerial vehicles for commercial purposes. But it’s not the only issue at hand with the airborne idea. What if someone steals a tacocopter upon landing? What if the wrong person picks up the tacos? What if it crashes into someone’s head? There are many kinks that have yet to have been worked out.


But the idea of utilizing GPS capabilities for delivery isn’t such a bad idea. MarketMAPS provides startups like TacoCopter with mobile mapping capabilities so that customers can find their location with the palm of their hand. Using our application consumers can search any location by ZIP code, city, or state, in order to find a map of your location that is closest to them.


The Phone Locator is both convenient and easy to use. Along with a map of your nearest locations and turn by turn navigation, we can provide your customers with an address and phone number of any business location; just tap to call! With features like website to mobile information transfer, we make it simple for customers to reach your destination.


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