Inspires American Made Products

Posted on March 21, 2012


“Made in America” A lot of business proudly claim the tagline but how are staying true to the word?


Last year Wal-Mart publicized that more than half of its products were made in America. Tricky wording- in reality half of its sales were from products made in the US. And that’s only because half its sales came from groceries and household goods, two categories that easily tracked as home made. It also didn’t hurt that their sales in clothes and electronics- two categories that are not easily sourced in the US at Wal-Mart’s low prices, had shrunk.


Another recent case of fraud is the work of Kid Rock’s Made in Detroit t-shirts. While they are designed and sold in Detroit, they’re actually manufactured in India, Honduras, the Dominican Republic…and Ohio.


“If everyone spent even 10 percent more than they do now on American-made products, our economy would improve” were the words of David Seliktar, part owner of a NY based family jewelry business.

It’s an easy in theory, but getting business that are really selling American made products is a different story. That’s why Seliktar started, a website for vendors to exclusively sell American made products. Planning to open at the end of March, Selkitar’s website will feature everything from furniture to clothes, toys, food, and jewelry.


Of course most of these businesses sell outsourced goods, but not on Selkitar doesn’t have the time or resources to inspect the products of each business, so he requires that you can find their products components just by searching online- to see if the materials they use are actually available in the US. does require companies to sign contracts, in order to guarantee their products authenticity. But, all Selkitar really has is an honor system. While there’s no real way to tell if someone is selling a falsified product, he hopes that people will do the right thing.


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