Versailles, the would-be biggest house in America

Posted on March 19, 2012


Most homes in The Reserve at Lake Butler Sound average 10,000 square feet. David Siegel’s measures out to nine times that size.


The colossal custom dream house sits on 10 acres of lakefront property in Orlando, Florida. It’s even built on a custom-made hill. At the moment the house itself occupies one full acre, and by the time it is complete, it will be the biggest house in America.


David Siegel, the founder and chief executive officer of the world, Westgate Resorts, designed the home, but wife Jackie named it-Versailles. A 45 foot ceiling covered great room, a 20,000 bottle filled wine cellar, and a giant aquarium filled with exotic fish are all part of the floor plan, most of which is already complete.


67,000 square feet down and 23,000 to go- but for now the house is secured with a chain-link fence and a padlock. There’s no electricity, no plumbing, and no interior walls. The Siegels had to stop construction in 2009 when Westgate Resorts took a financial blow. The company was at risk along with David’s personal fortune- he stopped the building Versailles at only 60 percent completion.

The giant is now for sale, the price of which has recently dropped from $75 million to $65 million, as is.


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