A World of Apple

Posted on March 8, 2012


Since the opening of their first store in Tyson Corner, Virginia, in 2001, Apple has taken leaped across waters and planted itself in 14 countries around the world. And they don’t all stay within the realm of your standard brick and mortars, some of Apple’s stores are so lavish, they require their own amphitheaters…others aren’t even above ground.


In no particular order, here are 10 of the most extravagant Apple stores from around the world-



An above ground 40-ft high glass cylinder (made of the largest curved glass panes in the world) with a spiraling stair case descends customers intoShanghai’s first Apple store. Watch your step, after stepping down what looks like a concrete amphitheater you might run into the shallow moat of water surrounding the glass cylinder entrance.


While this is only the second branch Apple has opened in China(the first in Beijing), Senior Vice President of Retail, Ron Johnson, stated that they are hoping to open two more stores in Shanghai and 25 total throughout the country.


San Francisco


Just on the corner of Stockton Street, surrounded by the olden sky scrapers that SF is famous for, you’ll find a shiny silver cube and an endless stream of customers. If there’s one way that Apple stands out from the crowd, it’s in their building designs.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Fifth Avenue, New York

Similar to the new Shanghai model, the Apple store on Fifth Avenue stands above ground as a glass gateway. While there is no amphitheater shape, moat, or spiral staircase this glass box does have stairs that lead to large variety of electronics. And here you won’t get your socks wet for not paying attention.

Tokyo, Japan

Grand Central Station, New York


Let’s put one of the busiest stores in America one of the busiest places in America, why not. The Apple store location takes advantage of Grand Central Station’s already existing beauty, using one its many marble arches as the spot to hang their giant bitten apple logo.




This looks nothing like your typical Apple store, it’s better. Rather than utilize the same steel and glass design of their typical look, Apple decided to preserve the historic architecture of the building they chose to use, and in result the neighborhood around it.


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