U.S. Job Revival Spurred by Angry Birds Boom

Posted on March 5, 2012


Who’d have thought that the nation would find their way out of poverty with the help of a bunch of angry birds?


Angry Birds is just one of the many technology based companies that are causing the demands for computer-software applications and data market to swell. Online help wanted advertising for computer and mathematical occupations rose 2.1 percent from January to February, a height that is only toppled by the data compiling surge of 2005.


According to the forecast of Bloomberg News economists, the release of government figures on March 9 will show that payrolls grew by 210,000 in the last month. And if this forecast holds true, it mean the job growth of the past three months would total 656,000, compared to 471,000 in the three prior months. All signs point to another three-year low of 8.3 percent unemployment rate.


Much of the year’s employment is in thanks to the newfound app economy, which is responsible for just under 500,000 jobs in the US-and to think that there was exactly zero when the iPhone was introduced in 2007. And while no one is willing to call the app world “the sponge” that absorbs all low skilled workers, it will definitely be mother of new industries.

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