New Limb Severing Swarm Roller Coaster

Posted on March 2, 2012


London’s coveted theme park, Thorpe Park, is set to debut its new roller coaster this month, the Swarm, that is…if they can figure out how to keep riders’ body parts from dismembering first.


Thorpe Park describes its new attraction as a “flight through apocalyptic devastation onEurope’s tallest winged rollercoaster.” The winged coaster propels up to 28 riders at a time at about 62 miles per hour, plunging them through a 127 foot drop, and several close calls against walled structures, all while their arms and legs dangle freely into the wind.


Sounds fun? Whether or not you’re crazy enough to say yes to that, consider the facts: the ride’s designers ran several tests, finding that several dummies returned from the ride with missing arms and legs. But despite the limb losing possibilities, a team of former British fighter pilots were brought in to give the Swarm a whirl.

Mark Cutmore, a stunt pilot who is well versed in the use of G-force, admitted to the Metro “…the near miss element is eye-watering—you really do feel as if you are going to crash into the structures.”


Even if Thorpe Park does find a way to keep their riders’ limbs attached, they’re going to need to promote their ride to the right group of people. On average, who’re the most likely to be crazy enough to ride a hell raiser like that? Young people.


Our suggestion? Stick to a tried and true strategy and do some direct mail targeting. MarketMAPS provides companies like Thorpe Park with accurate geography and demographic data in order to make objectives like targeting ages and gender easy.

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