Old Milwaukee’s Will Ferrell endorsing Super Bowl Commercial

Posted on February 17, 2012


On Superbowl Sunday, did you happen to catch Will Ferrell striding down a field in plaid shorts, catching and opening a can of over-shook beer, before being abruptly cut?


You’re not alone. Unless you live in North Platte, Nebraska you didn’t see the awkwardly humorous clip, as Old Milwaukee chose to only air it in the country’s second smallest TV market. But while only 15,180 TV owning homes actually witnessed the aired commercial, the amount of attention that the beer company received via social media, toppled most every other competitor.


According to a post-Super Bowl tally by Mullen, Ferrell’s Old Milwaukee ad generated 1,640 mentions on twitter. This is more than some of the nationally broadcasted spots including Cadillac, Century 21, Lexus, CareerBuilder, and Hulu. Since then, the ad has been viewed over 760,000 times, more than double the amount of viewers that watched Budweiser’s nationally broadcasted commercial on YouTube (320,000 times).


While most businesses were spending roughly 3.5 million for 30 seconds of national air time, Lewus Carlini, the general manager of KNOP, says that advertisers paid as little as $700 for the same time in local North Platte airtime.


These Ferrell endorsed Milwaukee commercials aren’t just paying homage to great Old Milwaukee towns but they’re proving that you don’t need to spend 7 figures to make a big impression.

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