Disneyland Expansion Creates Thousands of Jobs

Posted on February 10, 2012


Disney’s plans for renovation and expansion of California Adventure park will create up to 2,300 permanent jobs by the end of 2012.


This billion dollar makeover, combined with the construction of a new resort in China, the company will be making its biggest expansion ever. Most of the money and needed hands will apply to the almost completed ‘Cars Land,’ a five-year expansion project that offers three rides, a man-built mountain range, stores, and restaurants that look like Radiator Springs, the fictional town from the movie “Cars”.


Our first thought…beyond whether or not this new theme will be anticlimactic or not…is that they better be using a strong visual aid for expansions of such proportions. An accurate geographical portrayal of current layouts, future plans, and construction sites are crucial to keeping an organized and succinct business.


MarketMAPS combines accurate geographical data with custom design, including logos, icons, labels, shading, and anything else you could need, in order to provide companies like Disney with the visual tools they need to make dealing with significant expansions significantly easier.


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