“The Man Who Lived On His Bike” – The Perfect Branding Tool

Posted on February 8, 2012


How do businesses utilize a montage of a nude man shaving while riding his bike?

A three minute short film called “The Man Who Lived On His Bike” depicts literally just that. Guillaume Blanchet spends 382 days riding his bike through the streets of Montreal, living each moment of normal every day life above two wheels.


While the film is entertaining, creative, and bizarre (all the necessary qualities for a viral video), the best part about this film are the sneaky product placements.  Product placement takes advertising away from the (sometimes annoying) in your face ads, and puts it into real life scenarios.


In sequential order, here is a list of some of the brands featured in the short film that you may or may not have caught-


FedEx @ 0:24
Adidas @ 0:29
Tropicana @ 0:33
Urbania Magazine @ 0:44
Apple @ 0:57
Mcdonald’s @ 1:00
MTV @1:36
ShamWow @1:37
Visa/Mastercard @1:39
fashiontv @1:42
ESPN @ 1:45
Northface @ 2:09


Television and film are two major methods of dropping a product conveniently in the background of a scene, and thus into the subconscious of a viewer. But an even more effective and less costly method of product placement can be found in the use of viral videos. A simple, yet charming video like our nude bicyclist friend’s might have taken little to no money to create, but thanks to the power of the internet, will be receiving millions of views just the same.

But setting up the product placement of that many advertisements, especially when the character is moving across an entire city, can be difficult. The best way to organize this branding technique is with an accurate visual tool. MarketMAPS offers detailed geography and custom design to create the display that you need. Our design team can customize any number of details on your map, from logos, to icons, shading, text, and more!


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