Dodgers’ Ownership Up For Grabs

Posted on February 2, 2012


Frank McCourt plays ball in divorce court.


Los Angeles owner Frank McCourt has until April 30th to fork over $131 million to his ex-wife Jamie. There are probably about a hundred different questions to ask this guy, namely, “where’s the prenup’?” But the biggest question is, how on earth is McCourt going to come up with this money?


His solution- sell the Dodgers. McCourt expects to sell his team out of bankruptcy, to which the Dodgers and Major League Baseball agreed. But McCourt will only sell if the bankruptcy judge and only he oversee the process in an effort which realizes the maximum value for him and the Dodgers (against the wishes of Commissioner Bud Selig, who’d rather seize the team.)

McCourt aims to settle a deal at $1.5 billion, a record price for any sports franchise. And be it expensive, there are many prospective buyers ready to shovel the green. Some potential owners include the team’s ex-manager Joe Torre, super agent and keeper of big time players like Kobe and Gasol, Arn Tellem, Dodgers ex-owner Peter O’ Malley, and even Magic Johnson.


While it remains unclear who will get their paws on the Los Angeles team, one thing does remain clear- they better have a plan.


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