Soaring Over NYC- Chronicle’s High Flying Hoax

Posted on February 1, 2012


Superman’s got nothing on this

Remember the ads for “Superman: The Movie”? Posters flagged the streets with a prediction that rang “You’ll believe a man can fly.” Well the marketing approach that the promotional team for Chronicle used in preparation for the movies upcoming release puts it to shame.

Last Friday people all over New York City witnessed three people flying over bridges and skyscrapers…or so they thought. In reality, what befuddled speculators were witnessing was the work of three highly trained AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) members who were planted safely on the ground.

Model airplanes…err humans were the mechanism for the spectacle. “The planes are highly sophisticated darcon/carbon fiber, battery-powered, radio controlled units” said James Percelay, the co-founder of the promotional team that masterminded this hoax, in a recent Movie Talk article. Why they may appear as “flying people” the models are really six foot tall, four pound, hunks of machinery made of over 200 parts.

No one was harmed by flyers, which moved gracefully through the air last Friday evening. Although one of the flyers did take a plunge into theHudson River; the NYC Harbor Patrol fished it out later that day.

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