Ghana on the Cusp of an Oil Boom

Posted on January 30, 2012


From the Jubilee to the Tweneboa fields, Tullow, a London-based company has found oil and drilled wells in multiple areas throughout the west African Nation. Finding over 100 meters of low porosity sandstone and 3 meters of 40 degree oil pay just under 2 years ago, the company has already made a promising start.

Jubilee fields, specifically, is expected to begin bringing in 120 thousand barrels of oil a day, although the target has yet to be achieved. With over a year of production in, the only excuse for the lack of delivery has been “due to challenges with some wells”.

Deputy Energy Minister Emmanuel Kofi Buah says that the government is contemplating its options on how to boost production. In Joynews he stated, “The Minister has directed that a comprehensive study be done and clear findings submitted to the ministry on the underlying factors of the estimated shortfall. This should provide us relevant lessons on moving forward to efficiently increase production in the future.”

All complications aside, one thing remains clear; Tullow needs to keep their territories statuses up to date, and visually recorded. One of the best ways to track land is with a map. With the help of our expert design team, MarketMAPS can provide the exact custom details that Tullows needs to mark their geographical positioning and any needed statistics.

Whether or not you’re the world’s next oil tycoon, be sure to have the best visual aid by your side.

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