Putting the ‘Bar’ in Barista

Posted on January 23, 2012


While Starbucks is the world’s largest coffee-shop chain, that really only leads them morning business, because let’s face it, no one wants to wind down with a cup of coffee. So the juggernaut has found a new way to bring in the customer traffic, alcohol.


Since the first mug was served in October of 2010 at a Seattle store, the company has chosen 25 other locations to sell beer and wine. Now stores in Atlanta, Southern California, and Chicago have been added to the list of distributors.

Choosing these stores wasn’t a picnic. Locations were picked based on variables like larger space and higher chair quantities. The locations that sell alcohol also offer cheese plates and focaccia with olive oil.


Beer and wine selection which will range from $5-9 in price will be made custom for each location, as tastes differ by region. But for now, the company will not say specific brands those menus will include.

Although Starbucks doesn’t plan to implement these menus in all of their 10,700 US and 6,200 international locations, they will be choosing more to holster their spirits.


Store size and chair quantities aside, there’s a lot more to choosing a change like the addition of alcohol. A glimpse at age, population, and number of families within demographics would be crucial to making such decisions.

So when it comes to selecting and keeping tabs on the right locations to test an alternative product selection, its best to use a visual aide. Combining accurate geography and demographics with custom design such as logos, icons, shading, MarketMAPS can provide you with the best visual tool for any of your ventures.


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