10 Reasons Why You Should Update Your Map

Posted on January 18, 2012


Maps of your locations and territories are great visual planning tools for your managing business. But in order to maintain the value of that tool, updates are essential.


When should you update your map? Here are 10 reasons to update your geography; if you happen to fall into any of these categories, you’ve found your answer.


1. Expansion:


Over time a successful business is sure to expand. This means additional territories, change in locations, and changes in strategy. Keeping your maps up to date with the expansion of your territories will help keep you organized as your continues to build.


2. Customer Loyalty:


Keeping your location maps updated keeps your customers up to date. Make sure they get to your location with ease by providing them with the most current and necessary knowledge of the roads around you.


3. Demographic Changes:


With time comes change. People are always changing; this affects the demographic data of any area. Stay up to date with the demographics of your area will help you keep your marketing strategies relevant.


4. Increase Customer Traffic:


If your location has changed or updated, so should your map. In order to make customers more aware of your current location, offer a map that represents it.


5. Stay aware of your surroundings:


New businesses are popping up all the time, many of which will compete with you. Are you aware of your competitors? Keep your competitors close with an updated map.


6. Moving:


Moving your territories means changing your map. Accurate planning requires accurate visuals of where your territories lie.


7. Stay Current:


Even if you haven’t moved or expanded your territories, time itself is a factor in relevancy. Your surroundings are always changing, stay one step ahead with up to date geographic data.


8. Presentation:


Whether it’s corporate or for customers, an up to date map of your territories is a crucial visual aid for presentation purposes.


9. Display:


An accurate, updated wall map of your territories can be a great display for the office and conference room. Being up to date means that your display is not only attractive, but relevant.


10. Multiple purposes mean multiple maps:


So you have a map for display but you don’t want to damage it by marking it? Try a magnetic or red line laminated map. You won’t have to worry about marking up your attractive display, or damaging your map since magnets and erasable markers come off easy!

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