Marketing Malts, the Business of Whiskey

Posted on January 17, 2012


Is whiskey your business?

If it is, perhaps it’s time to consider a creative approach to sales. Share your passion with loyal customer and other whiskey aficionados by offering them a creative map of your special single malt products.

This map, for example, offers a guide to Scottish single malt whiskeys, plotted on a grid with two sets of variables. Whiskey types run horizontally, from light to rich, and vertically, from delicate to smoky.


The grid helps customers to identify whiskeys that they enjoy as well as those that they are interested in exploring. How else would someone know that a 16 year old bottle of Lagavulin is about as rich and smoky as it gets, and the complete opposite of a 12 year old bottle of Knockando?


To add to this, images of major ingredients that contribute to each flavor, like almonds, apples, and grain, line along the border of the map. So exploring these borders will bring you to even more specified tastes, with ingredient specifications.


Not only would this sort of map market your products, but it would help to induce customer loyalty, as you build a relationship with them while guiding them through tastes and splendor. Take it a step farther and add in geography to create an interactive and informative visual of whiskey around the world.


Creating the masterpieces that drive business marketing has been our job for over 20 years. With an expert cartography and design team, we bring you the most accurate geography combined with custom variables from logos, to shading, to icons and more!


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