Where the Risk Truly Lies

Posted on December 29, 2011


When it comes to our well being, it’s not enough to be as “healthy as a horse”. Often it matters where that ‘horse’ grazes, or at least it did for medical insurance underwriting in the mid-19th century.

The map above demonstrates the United States, as it is divided by territory zones that differ according to level of ‘safety’. The less safe an area was, the higher the calculated risk that a policy would need to pay out.

Class 1: Sorry to the rest of the nation, but these guys have the cheapest medical plan. The most risk free areas of the United States at the time seem to be states and territories in the northeast- found in the 100th meridian/above the 40th parallel.

Class 2: This region doesn’t stray too far from the first, but it does drop to second… probably because it nears a sub tropic climate, which associates it with heat and perhaps malaria.

Class 3, 4, 5, 6: The farther west we go, the strong the chances of the inhabitants catching some nasty ailment. Looks like California gets the brunt end of the stick- all that beautiful weather and pristine beaches were apparently a lot more harmful back then…

While we can’t agree with the research or rationality set forth on the making of these maps, it is clear that business had the right idea on how to go about things. Risk is an imperative form of research…especially when it’s accurate. That’s why MarketMAPS is proud to provide various levels of data to cover risks that matter to any given individual or company, even crime!

Combining this accurate data with skillful and creative design, our team is able to provide you with custom map made to fit your needs.

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