Real Estate- A Buyer’s Market

Posted on December 22, 2011


It goes without saying that in the world of housing, it’s a buyer’s market.

While most Americans are bound to their homes without a prospect to sell, buying a house in today’s market is, as mortgage –and- asset-backed securities teams would say, ‘dirt cheap’.


Homes are being resold for 31 percent under the peak prices of July 2006, based on the S&P/Case-Shiller Index. Prices may drop an additional 7 percent, according to a statement made in a Businessweek article, by Scott Simon, head of securities team at Pacific Investment Management Co. in Newport Beach, California.

There are some key factors that have remained the major delays from a true economic recovery,“Negative equity, unemployment and low consumer confidence” says Stan Humphries, Zillow’s chief economist. But a steady decrease in unemployment and a leveling out of drops in the housing market might be the signs that things are looking up.


All things considered, beating 2001 shouldn’t be hard. This year, Sales of new single-family homes is set to fall to 301,000, from 320,000 in 2010…the lowest in Commerce Department data since 1963.


With nowhere to go but up, the time is now to consider how to boost real estate interest. One of the best ways to show prospective customers what a city has to offer surrounding a real estate location is with a map!


A custom real estate map not only acts as a propelling marketing tool, but offers a valuable resource to clients. Market your real estate listings effectively by highlighting locations and visually branding your company.

MarketMAPS can customize your maps to meet your exact needs, from icons and logos, to text and color shading. Through branding and information about the city and community, we provide reassurance about the area a client is moving into, while making it clear that you are the one to get them there. Offer your clients a look into their potential new home by showing them the city they’ll live in, such as with school information and points of interest. Give your business a positive way to build identity and attract clients with the right visual tools.


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