Tombside Tea at New Lucky Restaurant

Posted on December 20, 2011


In India, people have a spiritual connection with their dead often as strong as they do with the living. And at one restaurant they even share lunch.

At New Lucky Restaurant of Ahmadabad, India, customers come for the milk tea, but stay for the view. Green painted tomb stones pave the floor of the restaurant, neatly adorned with dried flowers. They are said to bring good luck, and in New Lucky’s case, good business.


It’s like any other restaurant, a place to break bread, catch up with old friends, or even take a date- the dim lit candles over the graves help set the mood.

New Lucky was built over an ancient Muslim cemetery over 60 years ago, and has been a hit ever since. “The graveyard is good luck” said Krishan Kutti Nair, who’s helped run the business for 40 years, in a Seattle Times article. “Our business is better because of the graveyard” he explained.


And while Nair doesn’t know who the graves belong to, it is believed that they are of the family and associates of 16th Century Sufi, who is buried nearby.


In the 1950s, before the sky scrapers and traffic filled roads, the restaurant had made its mark in West India, when founder K.H. Mohammed opened a tea stall outside the cemetery. Business was so good that it wasn’t long till the stall had expanded into the graveyard itself.

While it is common for cemeteries to fulfill several purposes in India, the location was a clever business venture just the same. Mohammed had used not only geographical strategy, but cultural, in order to create this since thriving business. Because he understood the way that his community interacted with the location, he was able to turn it into the grounds of a successful business venture.


You might not be in line to build your next territory over a cemetery, but as with Mohammed and the New Lucky Restaurant, an analysis of specific geography and its human interaction is an essential step for business success.

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