Southwest on a Spending Spree

Posted on December 13, 2011


The 737 MAX, Boeing’s new “clean sheet” design built with an engine meant to improve fuel burn and operating efficiency, will be stocked by the dozens in Southwest’s backyard come 2017.


Just last week, Southwest made a purchase of 150 of the new single aisle jets, at a retail price of almost $19 billion (minus the usual airline discount). Each plane has an estimated worth of 77.7 million to 101.7 million for the largest, quite an investment for anyone. In fact, the billion plus splurge has made the record book as the largest aircraft order in history.

But they’re not just buying the planes as a fashion statement. This investment will cut Southwest’s expenditures up to 12 percent in fuel use. As quoted by Businessweek, vice president of consultant Teal Group in Fairfax, Virginia, Richard Aboulafia states, “Southwest has done everything they can to lower costs on operations and on labor, so it comes down to equipment and technology and fuel savings.”


So what does this investment say for the rest of us?


The least is that Southwest doesn’t expect anyone to stop traveling anytime soon. And if Christmas 2011 proves anything like Thanksgiving, according to Travel Tracker AAA’s numbers, it will prove that 90 percent of the nation that does travel for holiday season will continue to.

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