New Belgium, Brewing a Nationwide Brand

Posted on December 6, 2011


Despite the ancient and unending thirst for the bubbling fermented joy, over the last decade, the U.S. beer market has been on the decline. According to IBISWorld, it’s dropped over 7 percent, a big hit for juggernauts like MillerCoors and InBev (the current retainer of the once mighty Anheuser-Busch).

But these statistics have whizzed over the head of brewing rock star Kim Jordan, CEO of New Belgium. Strutting the country’s third largest craft brewer, Fat Tire Amber Ale, neither Jordan nor her ever rising Indie brand, have any plans of slowing.


Since last August, New Belgium has managed to expand its distribution into Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C., making its brews available in over 28 states. And while the bigger brewers have tried to stop her, there’s not getting in the way of Jordan the New Belgium suds.

Their secret?


There really isn’t one. New Belgium is essentially a really big microbrewer, offering a home-brewed flavor to a much larger based community than their own backyard. And it’s a flavor that Americans have increasingly appreciated, turning away from Bud and Coors’ attempts to thwart New Belgium with their own faux craft beer styles like Red Dog or Elk Mountain Amber Ale.


But in order to keep up with the big dogs, and fend off the smaller ones (new and rising microbrewers), the little brewery will have to push harder. For Jordan, this means opening an east coast brewery, which will enable New Belgium to extend its reach even further and enter new markets.


Jordan hopes to select a site for the new brewery by the end of the year. That doesn’t leave her much time. The next best step for New Belgium is to analyze their options. Using a visual tool that utilizes both geographic and demographic variables, Jordan and her company will be able to best conceptualize a position that will support brewing needs, as well as ease the process of distribution throughout the east coast.

MarketMAPS has the solution. With accurate geography, essential demographic variables, and the creative touch of our professional designers, we offer the best map for successful site selection. So whether or not you plan on creating the next little brew that could, we’ve got you covered.


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