The Real Hell’s Kitchen

Posted on November 30, 2011


If you thought The Chopping Block or Hell’s Kitchen were heated, it’s time to feast your eyes on one business in Lanzarote that is taking it up a notch.

Here’s a business that really knows how to turn up the heat…or utilize it. Unlike most restaurants that prepare their customers dishes over stove tops and grills, El Diablo cooks every meal to perfection over volcanic fire.


Utilizing the heat of the volcanic terrain at Timanfaya might seem a little out there but the location certainly put’s this company’s reputation at top dollar. Long before El Diablo’s existence, visitors of the volcano were always treated with a glass of wine and a plate of sardines (always around the same area of which the restaurant was built). So brain child designer Cesar Manrique decided to take Spanish hospitality a step further with the creation of this heat seeking restaurant.

While the volcanic atmosphere has acted as a great source of heat for cooking several dishes, it has also provided serious construction challenges. The land proved too hot to actually just dig foundation trenches. Instead, nine layers of basalt rock had to be set down as a protective base. Time grueling steps were taken to assure the customers’ safety, but it was more than worth it to harness the natural 400+ Celsius of intense heat, just six meters below the ground surface.


Hmm? Oh that’s just extreme heat rising from the side of the restaurant.

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